World’s 1st AI and ML based Market Intelligence

AI and ML to gather and analyze data from Millions of sources in real-time to provide data, insights and strategy plans to executives in any company, any industry.

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Real-Time Decision Making Enabled

Real-Time Market Intelligence by analyzing market signals and triggers specific to each individual market, with accurate market forecasts updated dynamically.

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Product Pricing, Financials Analysis and Competitive Heatmap

Tool for Deep Financial analysis of companies (FinCoreTm) with NLP, competitive intelligence tool (BenchMarkTm) to get market share, rankings and Product pricing tool (PriceCoreTm) for complete value / supply chain analysis.

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Opportunities Tracker

Track new startups, technologies, market trends and opportunities globally to evaluate opportunities or threats to your business. .

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About Dēta

Dēta is a proprietary AI Engine capable of processing millions of data points across sources, to provide intelligent insights for varying market intelligence needs of clients. Our mission is provide tools which achieve the below perfect trifecta, and enable any company from any industry or size to become strategy-ready.


Data and Insights available in Real-Time, no more weeks of waiting for reports for a strategic decision to be made today!


AI and ML algorithms trained on decades of validated data points, forecast models and built by the best team of Data Scientists and Industry Consultants. No need to second-guess a data point now!


By reducing and eliminating costs from a traditional data production model replaced by an AI driven model, our data became more democratic and affordable to all!

Top Pain-Points for CXOs

As per our experience and custom feedback research done in the past 5 years, the following are the key pain-points of CXOs across industries and countries globally.

  • Scarcity of Accurate & Actionable Data
  • High Costs of Acquiring Data
  • High Turnaround Time to get Data
  • Restricted Data Access due to Archaic Delivery Formats
  • Data becomes Old (No Dynamic Updates)
  • Data Not available for all Industry Verticals & Markets
    • Real-Time Market data

    • Voice enabled Query System

    • Product Price Tracking

    • 100+ Countries Covered

    • 15 Industry Verticals

    • Import-Export Data Included

    • Integrated Lead Generation CRM

    • Mobile App/Dashboard

    • Competition Tracking/Heatmap

    • Company financial analysis at BU/Product/Model Level



    Status: LIVE

    World’s 1st AI and ML based market research platform

    Our proprietary algorithms use advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and AI to gather latest data from millions of sources, which go through rigorous QC and Vetting to give you highly accurate data.

    Top Features

  • Instant selection from 1 Million + Titles
  • Pick Only Segmentations of choice
  • Choose to get Data on 100+ countries
  • Data Delivery Options: Excel or PPT
  • Add Data Segments you would like
  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
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    Status: Coming Soon in 2019

    World’s 1st AI and ML based Personal Strategic Assistant

    AI-X acts like a personal assistant to CXOs like “JARVIS” and helps them in navigating their daily strategic plans.

    Top Features

  • Get any market data instantly
  • Real-time trigger updates on any direct/indirect market changes globally affecting the client business (Eg. Increased Tariffs on China Goods by USA)
  • Accurate data with detailed analysis of trends, sources
  • Data available at country level (100+ countries)
  • Track competitor performance week-on-week, Month-on-month
  • Understand marketing spend of competition
  • Option to purchase data – Ad-hoc or Annual Subscriptions
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    Status: Coming Soon in 2019

    World’s 1st AI and ML based Startup evaluation and Investor connection Portal

    CactusFund aggregates more than a million startups across industries and evaluates them on 55-parameters using AI and ML. VCs and Investors globally can use the platform to explore hot upcoming startups and strike deals as early as possible. Our vision is to bring in-depth data analysis into the startup valuation and funding market.

    Top Features

    For Startups:

  • Get Free evaluation done on 55-key parameters
  • PTM Model (Product, Team, Market) helps evaluate health and progress
  • Get your startup in front of 1,000+ VC Firms globally
  • Expert Consultation to improve your score and increase fundability
  • Compare and benchmark against startups in your focus area
  • For VCs:

  • Free tool to accept Pitches from startup on your website)
  • AI based analysis of startup pitch and recommendation
  • Search for startups using filters to find the perfect one fitting your focus area
  • Get news, updates on new startups and funding rounds
  • Get access to sector-specific strategy reports to make informed funding decisions
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    1 Billion +

    Data Points Crunched

    1 Million +

    Reports Generated

    ~ 3%

    Accuracy Margin

    8 hours

    Data Refresh Frequency


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    TIE Member
    RISE Alpha

    Nasscom Fintech Day Finalist
    TIE Investor Connect Finalist
    VikingCubator Competition Finalist

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